Private Cloud Computing with odt and RazorCMS? ;-)

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Private Cloud Computing with odt and RazorCMS? ;-)

Postby Adminer » Wed Sep 07, 2011 12:28 pm


Do you remember Google Doc?
I discovered the next generation of powerfull OpenOffice: LibreOffice
for free, and recomend it - it's odt format of created documents, and you can create odt files... and put them into your RazorCMS doc folder (if you need).

But how to use Razor to edit them, and print them from your browser - without LibreOffice? ;-)
We need one bladepack made with experimental code in java from:

"Office files on the web
... WebODF can show an office document in the OpenDocument format in a web browser..."

Working demo:
{sometimes my stupid antivir said: it's a virus there ;-)

It's may be the next very interesting solution for RazorCMS - our own Cloud Computing on site for our public (or not) documents, e-books etc... to use it everywere.

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