Nice looking php filemanager

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Nice looking php filemanager

Postby Adminer » Tue Nov 01, 2011 1:05 am

I discovered a very good eXtplorer - php filemanager from:

1. Extract the downloaded Archive to a local directory, say C:\Files\extplorer
2. Login to your server via FTP and create a subdirectory for eXtplorer, say razor/extplorer
3. Allow write access for your webserver for that subdirectory and the subdirectory /extplorer/ftp_tmp (e.g. chmod 777)
4. Upload all eXtplorer files from your computer into the subdirectory on the server.
5. Browse to the URL http://<YOURSERVER>/extplorer and login (user: admin, pass: admin). Remember to immediately change the admin password.

- you can zip or unzip all files there. So, you can backup whole site in one move and download in one zip file;
- easy chmod management for all subdirs;
- phpinfo build in;
- edit files (with Syntax-Highlighting thanks to EditArea).
- you can edit razor php files in one window and test it in the other on fly.

Sometimes it may be very usefull. When I was doing polish translation for Piwik statistics (, It was a horror to upload so many files there. Now, you can upload one zip file by FTP, and unzip full instalation in piwik folder there by eXtplorer.
I'm testing it now.

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