BIG move about

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BIG move about

Postby smiffy6969 » Thu Apr 03, 2014 10:27 pm


I am moving around EVERYTHING over the next few weeks, I have already ported the V2 stuff to a sub domain, and the websute will be switched over to the new sub domain very soon. So in the next week you will all see the V3 site from the main web address

I have upgraded the forum, and also moved this to to make it more managable. I have also started to seperate the V2 parts of the forum and created a V3 area. For now we will continue to use the forum, I will however be creating a new forum on teh new v3 site that uses the razor flat file stoarge. This will allow me to tie everything together. Until I can get the new forum built (yes from scratch, a flat file angularJS forum) we will use this forum. Once the new forum is built, we will lock this forum completely for reading only (should be a few months though until this happens).

Anyhow if you can't find something after it's moved, just let me know.

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