Upgrading to new editor

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Upgrading to new editor

Postby smiffy6969 » Tue Apr 22, 2014 7:05 pm


It has been a while now since nicEdit was actively developed, I managed to get a image browser working recently on a feature branch and just got fed up with the archaic code that I have moved to text angular..... We now have an angular based text editor (heavily modified of course) with image uploading and image browsing..... I am still fine tuning and sorting IE9 support but once I have this licked (this weekend) I should be releasing a new version with the new editor, which I may add looks and acts a whole world better.

In addition to this, the next on my plate after this release, will be automated upgrading, one click upgrade from the admin dashboard, this should mean future upgrades will be a one click update.... without the need to mess about downloading, ftp'ing files etc, this should make the frequant updates I am releasing easier to live with ;)

All good things coming. If you haven't checked out the latest extension (image gallery) go check it out, v nice I think!, all files have to be manually uploaded at present, but a image upload will not be far behind for it.

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