V3.3.10 Release + Photo Gallery

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V3.3.10 Release + Photo Gallery

Postby smiffy6969 » Sun Jun 22, 2014 5:15 pm


Another release out the door, with this comes some significant changes to extension rars structure. Before we where using shared rars functionality but now extensions come bundled with rars functionality.

There is one caveat to this, the new photo gallery extension will require the 3.3.10 upgrade.

In addition to this, the image location has moved. So when you do upgrade to v2 of the photo gallery extension, you will notice your images are not showing..... don't panic.

You can either manually move theme to the new location (storage/extension/photo/razorcms/[album name] and they will all magically appear, or you can just use the new upload tool to add images when logged in with an account that has MANAGER or higher permissions.

The reason for this is to allow the means to add images to galleries right fromthe website, meaning you do not have to have ftp access and you can do much much more easily.

Any problems, just shout up.
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