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Framework Changes

Postby smiffy6969 » Sat Jul 12, 2014 1:25 am


Please bare with me while I am testing new framework changes. In a ever going push to keep things future proof, I am currently attempting to convert the system to a web components framework. This is a push away from angular, but in the right direction of of a more future proof framework, since the concept of razorCMS V3, many things have changed in the web world.

The next upgrade may well be a major push, a complete change, but if all goes to plan, we will be in a better position to support more browsers, support them natively and reduce load too. I have the basics sort of done already. I am hoping that out of this we will have a clear view on teh framework, where it is going, and be in a position to offer API documentation too when we are done.

During this time i will not be releasing any more extensions until i have this right, but this is the way to go.


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