Issues saving in latest release

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Issues saving in latest release

Postby smiffy6969 » Sun Nov 30, 2014 10:31 am


You may experience issues in the latest release saving after your system locked the db files.... if this happens, pelase follow this to fix.

download this ...

extract the library/php/razor/razor_db.php file and overwrite the one in your system (kills deletion locking on db), this will solve the locking issue for now.

Next you need to remove any locking on your db files.....

Open each file (including ~ ones) in storage/database and with raw text editor NOT WORDPAD OR WORD, ensure it is a raw text editor like gedit or notepad, open each file, and change any line two 1's to 0's after the word lock as so...

Code: Select all
// lock:0

save the files and you are good to go, file locking removed for deletions on database.

The full fix involves a migration to sqlite which gives us many benefits, stability, encapsulation of extension data in own db and much much more, still saving to files in storage/database

This next release will be a week or two away but will see the migration to sqlite finally fix any read/write locking issues as well as give us more benefits for the future. This release will also migrate all site data so don't worry, your site will not need to be re-built or anything, it will migrate and upgrade on the next release.


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