razorCMS 3.4.6 Release

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razorCMS 3.4.6 Release

Postby smiffy6969 » Sun Feb 15, 2015 12:02 pm


Well the issues this end keep coming, I fixed another two bugs this morning only to find out a typo had completely screwed auto upgrade.... SHIT...

OK it is fixed, but there is one issue here, auto upgrade is broekn from 3.4.4 to 3.4.5 so if you have either of these versions, I would download the 3.4.6 upgrade and follow the instructions for upgrading manully. This involves copying the files into your installation overwriting files that are there, then hitting this URL

YOUR WEBSITE ADDRESS/storage/tmp/package/system_upgrade_post_install.php

This will run the script and update the version. After this you should show 3.4.6 in your admin overlay, all details can be found here


Sorry about this guys, I have worked non stop for two days now to fix all this which broke from sqlite conversion and angular upgrade, I would normally test things much much more than this so I take full responsiblity and will ensure I pull my shit together. I blame lack of sleep from new baby :(

So go upgrade to 3.4.6 manually and we should be back on track. Those running less than 3.4.4 should be able to auto upgrade anyway.


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