Menu links to in page links to named anchors

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Menu links to in page links to named anchors

Postby bentobox » Wed Jun 24, 2015 12:57 pm

Hi, nice work on the CMS. I've got things going well, figured out theming etc. Just quick question on something that should be quite easy but is not obvious in razorcms.

I know that I can edit menu items in a very direct way via 'Edit Page' and clicking the link at top. It's evident that the links are for existing pages. What is not evident is how to add a link to a named anchor on the page. I managed to do this by creating an anchor like <a name="#myanchor" /> inside a piece of content via the source code interface. Then, similarly to adding links to pages, I click 'Edit Page', add a menu link, and under the 'url' tab enter '#myanchor', and give it a label while targeting the same page.

This actually does work, and will be useful for a long single page scrolling site. However it is not easy to maintain. Unless I'm missing something, URL menu links cannot be re-edited, but must be deleted and re-created if you want to update them.

There's got to be a better way right? I know since this is angularjs and swapping sections is easy, etc., but I still want the scrolling page effect with different sections.

Anyone know of a better way?
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