Login modal not displaying - 204 response failing

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Login modal not displaying - 204 response failing

Postby taykay08 » Sat Oct 10, 2015 5:13 am

I installed razorCMS on a server after successfully creating and testing my application locally. However, on the server, I noticed that the login modal didn't pop up. The call to rars/user/basic/current appeared to be timing out, but upon further digging I found that the 204 response was failing because the server was trying to return a body containing the string "null" along with the 204, which is not allowed. I was able to add a null check inside razor_api's raw() function to resolve the issue. Locally, if I return any string in the body of a 204, the response ignores the string and returns a 204. On the server, the request times out. I'm not sure what would cause this difference.
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