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Postby Adminer » Mon Sep 16, 2013 12:13 pm


If you want to put an information about your article date creation - you can use my bladepack.
1. Download and instal as a blade pack.
2. Use graphical editor to create your own two very small icons:

with your face ;-) and

with your pen ;-)

Remember: postauthoricon.png and posttagicon.png files should be in ./upload/images/ folder.
In main razorCMS create foleder upload and subfolder for this images - so you should have:
and upload that icons inside that images folder only - required.

3. Go to the Settings menu and configure LastEdit with your own css and html definition bar - and Save it in the end.

4. Take to edition something, and use Edition Date... button to select most wanted date for edition info, and then press LastEdit button in the end.

You should place in your page a simple blade code:


You can move this code in any place you want on your content page.
You can have many LastEdit bars with date creation on your one page.
Save your page.
You don't need to check date creation of this file - always as you want! ;-)

5. Enjoy Last Edit date creation bar in your article ;-)

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